Pakistan and Terrorists can’t go together – Altaf Hussain

LONDON: Muttahida Qaumi Movement Leader Mr, Altaf Hussain said that it was time to wipe out the terrorists eating away the very vitality of the country and added that the terrorist and Pakistan could not go together,

Altaf Hussain said that the terrorism and Pakistan were not compatible, if Pakistan has to exist, then terrorists must be wiped out.

Addressing telephonically a gathering on the occasion of APMSO 36th foundation day here, MQM Quaid said that his party was opposed to all sorts of terrorism, violence and wanted peace not only in Pakistan, but the entire world. He said that the terrorists from all over the world taking refuge in tribal areas and our big cities were eating away the very vitality of our country and added if (God forbid) these terrorists occupy the country, then men would be slain and women would be shut in their houses all around the country.

Altaf Hussain appealed to all peace loving Pakistanis within the country and abroad to realize their duty to the nation at this critical juncture and join hands to save Pakistan. He said MQM was not opposed to any religion, faith or sect, but it was certainly against religious fanaticism and murder of the innocent people all in the name of religion declaring the victims infidels.

All the peace loving people of the country irrespective of their religion, sect and faith would have to stand united against the religious fanaticism, he reiterated.