UNISAME greets opening of marriage halls

Karachi:The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises thanked the government for considering opening of marriage halls and marquees for which September 15th 2020 has been suggested and expressed strong reservations for step motherly treatment.
President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver said we fail to understand the logic and wisdom behind delaying till September 15th 2020 when restaurants, cafes, cinemas, gyms and even hotels are all allowed to resume operations from August 10th 2020 with SOPs.
Junaid Naqi convener UNISAME said marriages don’t take place in Muharram and Safar which is September and October owing to which events will start taking place in August only in restaurants, hotels, homes etc. hence social distancing will be greatly compromised.
He pointed out that the reason is most of the restaurants are of an area of 300 to 2000 square feet and are operational from breakfast to dinner; whereas marriage halls are mostly on an area of 9000 to 40000 square feet and operational only 3-4 hours a day and hence social distancing as well as implementation of SOP can easily be managed as well as ensured.
UNISAME experts said we fail to understand how social distancing can be ensured in restaurants of 300 to 2000 square feet and the same might get compromised at marriage halls of 9000 to 40000 square feet?
They added that we fail to understand how social distancing can be ensured in cinema / theatres which are a closed box with single entry and exit point and not even a proper ventilation and how can the same be compromised in marriage halls of an area of 9000 to 40000 square feet?.
Hospitality experts said we fail to understand why marriage hall industry is being intentionally or unintentionally victimized on the grounds of safety measures of SOP Implementation; having said we are one of the biggest economic contributor in wealth circulation of our country on the grounds and we remain closed since March 13th 2020 onwards till to date with no breather or source of income, unlike restaurants which still have a lifeline of delivery and take away business.
Corona is for real but chances of its getting spread doesn’t discriminate in between Restaurants / Cinemas / Gyms / Hotels and Marriage Halls / Marquees Like one to be less vulnerable compared to the other.
It’s all about social distancing and safety precautionary measures to be taken which are easier and practical in larger spaces like Marriage Halls / Marquees as compared to Restaurants / Cafes.
If restaurants, cafes, cinemas are allowed to resume operations from August 10th, it will be unfair and partial and it is therefore requested to please also allow marquees and marriage halls to resume operations from August 10th 2020 as well they emphasized
The Union assured of implementation of 100% SOP as per Government of Pakistan’s directives because they can’t afford anymore to become victim of carelessness by other sectors which has already been happening since March 13th 2020.
If marriage halls remain closed till September 15th 2020, weddings will start to happen in restaurants and hotels hence question of social distancing will automatically get eliminated as well as compromised the Union reiterated.

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