162 journalists found positive for COVID-19 in Pakistan

KARACHI:As many as 162 journalists have been tested positive for coronavirus in Pakistan out of which three embraced martyrdom in the line of duties since outbreak of viral disease in the country.
Corona Rescue Committee of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists has revealed the data of infected journalists from coronavirus in Pakistan since 26 February to 19 May 2020.
As per data at least 162 reporters have been contracted the viral infection in the country out of them three embraced martyrdom while 70 recovered from disease.
PFUJ data showed that a total 162 journalists have contracted the disease so far out of which 84 based in Lahore, 23 in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi, 17 in Quetta, 12 in Peshawar, 12 in Karachi, six in Sukkur, five in Multan, two in Gujranwala and one in Hyderabad.
At least three journalists embraced martyrdom on the line of duties across the country out of which two in Sukkur and one in Multan. The PFUJ data further said 70 reporters have been recovered from corona virus so far out of which 52 in Lahore, 11 in Peshawar, three in Karachi, two in Quetta and two Gujranwala.

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