Pakistan is with Kashmir till the end: Imran Khan

imran khan

PM Khan addressed people outside Parliament House in Islamabad. He was flanked by senior parliamentarians and ministers.

“Today, the whole of Pakistan, wherever there are Pakistanis, if they are school students, college students, shopkeepers, labourers, government officials, everyone is together with Kashmir today,” he said. Our Kashmiris are going through a very tough time, he said.

Around eight million Kashmiris have been under curfew for four weeks, he said, adding that the reason for this event was to tell the people of Kashmir that we are with him. “We feel their pain and sorrow. This event is a message from Pakistan that until our Kashmiris get freedom, we are standing with them, we will fight and stand by their side till the end.”

It is necessary to all understand that what kind of government can do this to people, PM Khan said, adding that to understand this, people must understand the RSS philosophy. The RSS was formed in the 1950 and born of hatred, he said, adding that they believe Hindus are the most superior and have been influenced by Hitler’s Nazi party.

They think everyone else should be killed or kicked out, he said, adding that their manifesto wants Muslims to be removed from India. Under this manifesto, Muslims are second class citizens and don’t get equal rights, he said, adding that you can see this today in occupied Kashmir. The RSS has occupied India like the Nazis occupied Germany, he said.

Everyone sees whats happening and the world should take notice, said PM Khan. But when brutalities are carried out against Muslims, international organisations and institutions, like the UN, stay silent, he lamented. But I said I would become the ambassador of Kashmir and I promise that until Kashmir is free, I will fight for it on every forum available, said PM Khan.

He cited a New York Times interview in which he discussed what is happening in Kashmir and what type of RSS ideology has captured India. This isn’t only bad for Muslims, it’s bad for Christians and other minorities too, he said. They have abandoned Nehru and Gandhi’s India, he said, nor do they believe in it. An RSS member killed Gandhi, he reminded the crowd.

They don’t accept international law, Indian law, the Indian Supreme Court or the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, said the premier. “They don’t accept anything. They only believe Hinduvta.”

He vowed to bring the matter up during his upcoming UN General Assembly address and said he has already contacted many international leaders and told them about “Modi’s fascist, racist government”. I told them that the world will be affected if they don’t stand up for Kashmiris, he said.

The world didn’t stand up to Hitler when he attacked Czechoslovakia and up to 60 million people died in World War II, said PM Khan. “Today, if the world doesn’t stand up to Modi’s fascist government, it won’t stop here,” he warned.

He also accused India of trying to stage a false flag operation in Pakistan to divert attention from Kashmir, similar to the Balakot attack. “We are saying that they will do something in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and today, I am telling Modi clearly: we will respond to your brick with a rock,” said PM Khan. Our army is ready, we are ready, he added.

But the world should know that when two nuclear armed countries fight, the whole world will be harmed, he warned. We are preparing the world and telling them that if they don’t take notice of the brutality against Kashmiri people, the effect will be on the world, he said.

The premier also announced a worldwide campaign to remove the curfew in held Kashmir involving overseas Pakistanis, human rights organizations and celebrities and politicians who care about human rights.

“We will wake them up,” vowed PM Khan, adding that after a whole month of brutalities, no one is still allowed into Kashmir. The Indian government even barred its opposition from entering, scoffed the premier, adding that this was to cover up its brutalities.

But today, Pakistan is together, he said, thanking the people for participating. We are all with you, he reminded the people of Kashmir. “My heart says that…Modi, what’s he doing in Kashmir, this is the last time. After this Kashmir will be free,” ended the premier.

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