A large quantity of drugs was recovered from Sanaullah’s car


LAHORE: Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) arrested former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah from the Sukheki area of the Islamabad-Lahore motorway, in a statement said that drugs were recovered from his vehicle.

“A large quantity of drugs was recovered from Sanaullah’s car,” the statement read, adding that the ANF does not arrest people without any reason. The politician was traveling with his guards at the time of the arrest, it added.

ANF officials said that Sanaullah was traveling to Lahore from Faisalabad to attend a party meeting when he was intercepted by a raiding party.

He was taken into custody, after which the anti-narcotics watchdog started an investigation. “Our mandate is to fight against narcotics,” they added.

Sanaullah’s arrest was met with widespread criticism from opposition leaders, who said it was an example of “political victimization”.


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