PML-N MNA Aijaz Chaudhry joins PTI

IK ISLAMABAD: A day before PTI’s public meeting in the federal capital, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz lawmaker Aijaz Chaudhry announced that he was joining Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI). “I have decided to resign from the seat in the National Assembly,” Chaudhry said on Saturday, adding that he was joining Imran Khan’s “fight against corruption”. Chaudhry made the announcement at a press briefing during which he was flanked by PTI Chairman Imran Khan and other members of his party. Chaudhry was elected from NA-108 Mandi Bahauddin constituency in the May 2013 general election. Speaking to his press conference, Chaudhry said he had handed his resignation from the National Assembly to Khan as a gesture to show his decision of leaving PML-N. Chaudhry also stated that his constituency had hopes from the PML-N government in relation to developmental work for the benefit of the locals. However, the top leadership of the party had refused to help him in this regard, Chaudhry claimed, adding that the party’s top brass did not provide any support for the betterment of Mandi Bahauddin. Chaudhry will be present at the November 30 rally alongside Imran Khan. The defection comes as PTI has been holding an anti-government sit-in Islamabad since August 14 along with public meetings in major cities across Pakistan in protest of what it calls “massive rigging” in the May 2013 general election.